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5 Things to Do Without Children in Fargo
During Your Next Home Cleaning

Getting your house cleaned? Wonderful! Take advantage of your found free time and indulge yourself in relaxing and rejuvenating activities. If you are footloose and fancy-free without children, it’s worth checking out these top five things on our must-do list:

#1 Indulge in a Float Tank

It only takes one hour to experience ultimate serenity! Indulge yourself in the uniqueness of a float tank that relaxes you through buoyancy and water immersion. Float therapy helps you rejuvenate and refresh.  Ever been in a float tank? Worried about claustrophobia? This writer (the quintessential claustrophobe) had no problems with the small space, about the size of a full mattress.  I was easily able to shut the tank lid… but you can keep it open if you prefer.

Floating, while feeling completely weightless, is an amazing tool for both physical and mental health. People use floating to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health issues as it puts you into an incredibly deep, dream-like state.  In addition, people use floating to treat physical conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, injury recovery, physical therapy, or any other chronic pain issues. If you just have two hours while your home is being cleaned, a float tank experience is an excellent indulgence.

Salt20, a float spa in Fargo-Moorhead, offers individual float sessions for $55 per hour. But for first-timers, using the code “firstfloat” when you sign up will save you $10 on your first float. Salt20 is located at 3285 Fiechtner Drive, Suite A in Fargo. Visit them at www.salt2ospa.com or call them at 701-639-4941.

#2 Start Your Downtown Excursion at Bernbaum’s… and Continue to Enjoy Even More

No doubt, Downtown Fargo is a vibrant and alive destination whether visiting during the day or at night. Start exploring what downtown Fargo has to offer with a trip to Bernbaum’s, Fargo’s own New York Style Deli. Enjoy a delectable breakfast, brunch or lunch with a friend… or go solo. The menu offers everything from lox and bagels to schnitzel sandwiches and Sarah’s Blintzes – yum!  This unique old building offers a nice ambience, with plenty of windows to people-watch.

After enjoying a satisfying meal at Bernbaum’s, your afternoon isn’t complete without strolling to Zandbroz, a unique bookstore and gift shop conveniently located just a few doors South of Bernbaum’s. Or if you love to browse handmade gifts, crafts and arts, check out Unglued, a locally owned shop just South of Bernbaum’s. Round out your excursion at Silver Lining Creamery on the corner of 2nd Avenue North and Broadway. Treat yourself to incredible homemade ice cream and take a picture of you wearing angel wings on the side of the creamery building.

To learn more about Bernbaum’s go to www.bernbaums.com or call them at 701-306-4131. They are located at 402 Broadway North. To visit these other downtown must-do venues, visit www.zandbroz.com (701-239-4729),  www.ungluedmarket.com (701-205-1597) and www.silverliningcreamery.com (701-532-0961).

#3 Get a Dose of Nature on Fargo’s “River Trail”

Getting out in nature is a great way to unwind and ground yourself… and it’s completely free. Fargo Moorhead has excellent bike paths that can be used for year-round walking or biking during the warmer months. The wooded areas along the “River Trail” offer you a nice escape from urban life.

We recommend starting out at 15th Avenue North and Elm Street in Fargo – just across from El Zagal Golf Course and next to the Red River. Wind your way South going past Mickelson’s Baseball Park. At Oak Grove High School, there is a three-block break in the path, so just follow the bike signs to continue your journey. The path then heads downtown toward the river dike. Weave your way all the way South to Lindenwood Park. And you can end your trip here, if you’d like. Or if you’re feeling bold and want to venture into Minnesota, cross over the bridge at Lindenwood into Gooseberry Park where you’ll find off-trail bike paths. 

If you just stay on the North Dakota side, biking or walking from El Zagal Golf Course to Lindenwood Park and back will provide you with approximately 10 miles of nourishment for the soul. Either way, you’ll enjoy an excellent ride or walk in the heart of Fargo.

#4 Check Out Drekker Brewing Company

For a late afternoon or early evening indulgence, visit Drekker Brewing Company for a taste of their locally made craft beer. Offering a wide selection of rotating beers, any taste is sure to be pleased. Monday through Thursday (4PM to 10 PM) and Friday, Saturday and Sundays starting at noon, Drekker Brewing Company is one of Fargo’s best breweries and taprooms in the area.

Housed in one of the oldest buildings in Fargo, this renovated railroad shop was built in 1883 – six years before North Dakota became a state. Soak up the incredible ambiance and sip on your favorite brew indoors or outside. Their spacious patio, outfitted with a giant fire pit for cooler months, is an ideal space in warmer weather for outside dining from food trucks. Or you can order in take-out or bring your own favorite meal.

Drekker Brewing Company is your go-to place when your home is being cleaned late in the day or on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Located at 1661 1st Avenue North in Fargo. Learn more at www.drekkerbrewing.com or 701-532-0506. 

#5 For the Ultimate in Indulgence, Visit Hair Success Salon and Day Spa

Would you like to indulge yourself with a day of full-body relaxation? Or maybe a long overdue aromatherapy facial is calling you. Perhaps you would like to schedule a couples day retreat. Whatever your desire, located on the Southside of Fargo, Hair Success Salon and Day Spa offers these options and more.

If you just have a few hours or an entire day, choose from their expansive menu of services. Relax in their spa lounge with complimentary coffee or tea and then revel in a eucalyptus shower before you leave. Would you like to quench your thirst or appetite?  Check out Blu Nutrition for protein shakes. Or enjoy lunch and a soothing alcoholic beverage at The Grotto Restaurant (by The Tavern Grill) located inside the salon.

Be sure to plan ahead, as all services are offered by appointment only. Regardless of your choice, your body will thank you! To learn more, visit www.hairsuccesssalons.com  or call.701-232-9383. They are located at 3233 45th Street South in Fargo.


Treat Yourself While WeClean Rejuvenates Your Home

Decide what you want to do during your next home cleaning and take action now. Nothing feels better than indulging yourself in an activity you love and then returning to a home that sparkles and shines. Book your next cleaning at WeClean today by calling (701) 515-0233 or visiting Weclean Local Fargo.


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