The Heart of WeClean

WeClean was born out of a commitment

to serving others and creating positive

change in our local communities.

Who we are:

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What We’re About:

We are committed to providing a service you can trust while also building up your local community:

Our Story:

WeClean was founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurial friends who share a passion for supporting local communities. Together, we dreamed about building a company that provided a necessary service, created great jobs and made a positive social impact. And thus… WeClean was born.

As a team of over 40 passionate folks, we are deeply committed to doing right by those around us, which is why WeClean is centered around the wellbeing of our people: our clients, our cleaners, and our communities.

Here’s how we do that:

  1. We care for the well-being of our clients by providing the highest quality service, trustworthy cleaning professionals, convenient booking, and a satisfaction guarantee.
  2. We attend to the well-being of our professional cleaners by paying them well above a living wage, offering paid volunteer hours, providing paid training, using non-toxic cleaning products, and maintaining a close relationship with each of them.
  3. We support the well-being of our communities by giving back a portion of every sale, giving away a cleaning to a family in need every month through our WeCare program, and financially supporting the work of local nonprofits.

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve built a company that provides a 5-star service while also pouring back into our local communities. We hope you’ll join us in this work and give us a try today! Learn more about how WeCare.

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How do WeCare?

We don’t just clean. We care for you, your community, and our cleaners. We’re all in this together!

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