How To Prep Your Home For A Home Cleaning

Our goal is to take things off your plate so let us clear something up once and for all: You do NOT need to clean your house before we arrive! 

So what should you do to prepare for your home cleaning? 


While there’s no need to sweep your floors, clean the counters, or dust before we come, our cleaners do appreciate it if the house is tidy. This means:


  • Picking up toys and clothes from the floor.
  • Tidying the bathroom counter.
  • Clearing the kitchen counter of food and cookware.
  • Removing clutter from surfaces you want to be dusted.


The bottom line is that the less clutter there is, the better job your cleaner can do because they’ll spend more time cleaning and less time moving stuff around. Remember, the cleaner is there to clean… not organize!


These things shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so. Nothing needs to be perfect, and we certainly don’t want you to stress yourself out prepping for your home cleaning! 


We just need enough space to vacuum, sweep, mop, scrub and shine every surface we can so your home is spotless when we leave.


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