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One Woman’s Path to Better Mental Health
A Case for Using Natural Products

 Do natural cleaning products really matter? Yes! And here’s why. Anxiety used to be a daily way of life for me… a rapidly pounding heart, a mind that raced, a body full of nervous energy. I was anxious about speaking with others, nervous about school, and worried about what people thought of me.  I ruminated about everything from my finances to my looks to my body weight. I worried way into the evening with many sleepless nights. This was the only life I knew.


Discovering Possible Side Effects of Chemical Toxins

Early in the 1990s, I used popular home cleaning products from pine-smelling disinfectants to bleach to harsh scrubbing agents. Then in the mid-1990s, I met a holistic medical doctor who said, “Stephanie, I think your mental health challenges are related to chemical toxins.” I was skeptical. How could this possibly be?


As it turned out, my physician proved to be a highly valuable source of health information in other areas of my life. When I implemented her suggestions, they seemed to work. We continued to revisit the conversation about environmental toxins because my anxiety symptoms persisted. That’s when I decided to clean up my act and started taking many chemicals out of my life.


Switching Out Chemical Products for Natural Options

First, I ditched the toxic home cleaning products I’d been using and started to clean with vinegar and water – a natural disinfectant – and using baking soda as a scrubber. I then switched out my dish detergent for a more natural brand and started using hand soap with fewer chemicals.  I also changed my shampoo and body lotions. Pretty soon I was avoiding surfactants, fragrances (loaded with formaldehyde), and parabens.  I even began using more natural laundry detergents and gave up highly fragranced dryer sheets. 


In some cases, I was spending extra money on these more natural products and wasn’t seeing immediate results, but I felt I was on the right track. My physician encouraged me to continue. In a matter of months, the anxiety that seemed to live with me on a regular basis began to dissipate. I also had steadier moods.


Understanding My Body Through Trial and Error

But I still felt skeptical… could there really be a correlation between feeling better and my use of more natural cleaning products?  To answer this question, I began to carefully follow my body, my anxiety levels, and my moods. I found when I was exposed to toxic cleaning products for a period of time, my anxiety symptoms reoccurred. My sleep and mood also suffered. The results were clear, and I was committed to removing and keeping chemical products out of my life.


My message to you … do your own research. That’s exactly what I did. Check out your own reactions to chemicals and see if they adversely affect your mood, anxiety levels, or sleep patterns. You might also experience headaches, nausea, or brain fog. Switching from popular chemical-laden cleaning and personal care products to more natural options changed my life. It just might change yours too!


Finding Solutions that Work for You

When thinking about using a professional home cleaning service, be sure to ask first if they use natural cleaning products. Doing so will help keep you and your family safe and happy. At WeClean, we only use cleaning products free from environmental toxins to protect our cleaners, our clients, and the environment.  

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