Why Our Proven 7-Step Hiring Process Provides You with Peace of Mind!

Hiring a new cleaner for your home can be nerve-wracking. You may ask yourself questions
like… Can I trust them? Will they respect my property and privacy? Will they do a thorough
cleaning? These questions naturally create anxiety.

That’s why your peace of mind is critically important to us at WeClean. You deserve to feel
confident and comfortable with any cleaner coming into your home. So, we created our
rigorous 7-step hiring process. To fully screen and carefully choose our home cleaners, we
adhere to these steps:

Step #1: Is this Person Trustworthy?

First and foremost, we want our cleaners to be worthy of your trust. After all, they’re entering
your private domain and sacred space. We need to be certain that we can trust them – and that
YOU can trust them too. This is the first trait we look for in our cleaners.

Step #2: Are They Reliable?

Reliability is crucial when it comes to home cleaners. Their actions must be congruent with their
words. They need to show up on time, every time and call when they say they will. Lastly, they
need to be consistent with their cleaning regiment.

Step #3: How Detail-Oriented Are They?

Providing a well-cleaned home is all about the details. Did they dust underneath that vase? Did
they clean the crevices around your faucet? Did they get all the corners on the floor? At
WeClean, detail-oriented wins out every time.

Step #4: Are They Personable?

We search for people who work well with the public. We prefer hiring cleaners who also have
experience in service industries. We do this to find cleaners who can communicate well and are
pleasant to work with. We know how important it is to like the person who cleans your home.

Step #5: What Does their Criminal Background Check Show?

At WeClean, we carefully screen and vet our cleaners before they ever enter your home. Each
and every one of our cleaners must pass a criminal background check. This minimizes the risk to
you (and to us) and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Step #6: What Do Their References Say?

We require three references and, unlike many companies, really DO call all three – ensuring
that there are no surprises with our cleaners. If our candidates don’t have references, we don’t
hire them.

Step #7: What Do They Post on Social Media?

Social media posts can tell you a lot about a person. That’s why we take the time to check their
personal social media accounts to make sure we’re hiring who we think we are.

Our Commitment to You!

Our proven 7-step hiring process ensures that we find the best cleaners for you. We’ve
developed these rigorous steps to keep you happy. In fact, we screen out 90% of the cleaners
who apply to WeClean.

Our phenomenal Google ratings are proof of how effective our hiring process is. At the time of
this writing (August 2021), we scored 4.96 out of 5 stars. It’s hard to beat that!
Better yet at WeClean, we offer you a 100% guarantee on all cleanings. If you are not happy for
any reason, we will make it right, either by re-doing the cleaning or by refunding your money if
necessary. In addition, all our cleaners are insured which protects you should something get
damaged or broken in your home.

Let our proven 7-step hiring process go to work for you. Enjoy peace of mind and comfort with
your next home cleaning at WeClean. Book us today at: www.wecleanlocal.com!