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Three Things to Do in Bismarck, North Dakota During Your Next Home Cleaning!

Getting your house cleaned? Wonderful! Take advantage of your found free time and indulge yourself (and your children) in fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating activities. Consider these three things:

#1 Indulge in a Float Tank

No children in tow? If so, in just one hour, you’ll experience the ultimate in serenity! Indulge yourself in the uniqueness of a float tank that relaxes you through buoyancy and water immersion. Float therapy helps you rejuvenate and refresh.  

Ever been in a float tank? Worried about claustrophobia? Heck, this writer (the quintessential claustrophobe) had no problems with the small space, about the size of a twin mattress.  And there’s no need to even shut the tank lid if you prefer a more open environment.  

The completely weightless feeling of floating works wonders for both physical and mental health. Floating transports you into an incredibly deep, dream-like state which is perfect if you experience stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental health issues. People also use floating to treat physical conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, injury recovery, or any other chronic pain issues. 

One Massage Float Clinic offers individual float sessions at $99 for 60 minutes. But if you join their membership program for $25 a month, you get half off most of their services, including the float tank. And you can bring a friend for that 50% discount! This membership also offers you 24/7 access to the facility. We know you’ll love how you will feel afterward! 

Located at 216 N 14th Street in Bismarck, One Massage Float Clinic is a popular destination.  You’ll want to book your spot seven days in advance for weekends. During the week, a few days in advance works well and, sometimes, you can even get a same-day appointment. 

You can book online at https://www.massagebook.com/Bismarck~Massage~OneMassage?src=external#services. One Massage Float Clinic can be reached via a phone call or text at 701-741-7922. Their hours vary, but a receptionist is at their front desk from 11 AM to 2 PM Wednesday through Saturday.

Treat yourself to lunch before or after your float at the Bismarck Local Food Market (a co-op) afterward. The co-op has a wide selection of delicious deli items, grilled options, and natural foods. They are open from 8 AM to 7 PM Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday). Their address is 711 East Sweet Avenue and their phone number is 701-751-3119.  Visit their website at https://bismanfoodcoop.coop.

#2 Enjoy a brew at Laughing Sun Brewing Co.!

If you are looking for a fun way to relax, head out to Bismarck’s favorite brewery and tap room.  With an extensive menu of food, you can while away an afternoon or evening there. Children are welcome until 9 PM every single day. Live Music on Friday and Saturday nights. Open mic on the first Tuesday night of every month.

Voted best BBQ in Bismarck, their brewpub restaurant has a menu full of delicious BBQ and flavorful food. They offer smoked meats and sides, full-meal big bowls of curry, soups, chili, salads, tasty sandwiches on house-made bread, and more!

Laughing Sun Brewing Co. has a fully heated patio where you can sit year-round and it has outdoor seating in the warmer months. For an awesome beer and BBQ meal, this could be the place for you!

Located at 1023 East Front Avenue in Bismarck, Laughing Sun Brewing Co is open from 11 AM to 11 PM Monday through Thursday. And from 11 AM to midnight Friday and Saturday. And from 11 AM to 8 PM Sunday.  They can be reached at 701-751-3881 or emailed at info@laughingsunbrewing.com. Their website is www.laughingsunbrewing.com.  

#3 Options Outdoors Year-Round!

Are you looking for something fun for the family in the summer months? Opening on May 7th of this year is the fun SuperSlide Amusement Park in Bismarck.  Yes, there is a super slide but there are also carousel rides, a Ferris wheel, go-karts, a roller coaster, and a rock wall among other things!  Great for children and adults alike in the warm months!

SuperSlide Amusement Park in Bismarck is open from Hours vary during the month of May, but once summer hits hours are from noon to 10 PM daily. They stop selling attraction tickets 30 minutes before closing. 25 tickets cost $22. It takes 27 tickets if you want to do every ride in the park.

When winter rolls around (an inevitable in North Dakota) check out cross country skiing, fat biking, or snowshoeing at the Riverwood Golf Course. With 5 different trails to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options. Dogs are allowed on a leash. Snowshoeing and fat biking are allowed beside the trails. Rentals are reasonably priced at $10 for adults for skis or snowshoes and $5 for those 21 and younger.  Enjoy the pretty view right along the Missouri River.

Rejuvenate Yourself While WeClean Rejuvenates Your Home

Gosh darn, nothing feels better than treating yourself to something unique and relaxing and then returning to a home that sparkles and shines. Book a cleaning online TODAY at www.wecleanlocal.com or by calling (701) 450-1601.